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“The Thermostat Approach: How to Navigate Family Dynamics with Precision”

Introduction: Not Controlling the Environment If I am honest to the reader, I have not always...
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I desire to uplift & encourage men to walk in confidence.

The Past

Acknowledge there are things of the past that will try to haunt and destroy you. This will involve individuals to dig deep into the iniquities of their ancestors. There are chains of bondage from past generations that must be broken to ensure that you and futures generations can live in freedom.

The Present

Realize no matter your current season in life, you still have the capacity to walk with confidence and live in freedom. The goal is to strive to become the best husband, father, and son you can. Release yourself from the past and operate with an energy while embracing that you are no longer identify with the old self.

The Future

What does leading your wife, your family, and yourself look like? Have a vision stemming from the desires of your heart that fill you to your core. What motivates and inspires you to stepping into the best version of yourself?

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